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Legal Billing App Time Miner Moves to the Cloud

Kernel Equity Partner Time Miner’s billing app for attorneys is now a cloud-based app with a new website. Moving to a software-as-a-service model offers efficiency and cost savings, with more functionality and software integration options. The new Time Miner also marks a shift from serving individual attorneys to serving law firms. New customers will use the web platform, which launched on April 1, 2023 after almost 10 months of development and testing by DevDigital. Time Miner will continue to support their current mobile app users while the migration to a cloud-based enterprise software platform continues.  

About the Time Miner Platform

The tool helps law firms capture billable time from phone calls, text messages, and email exchanges that might be missed in a busy day, week or month. It does this by pulling data from various communication tools and finding billable exchanges.

The platform features more integration options than the previous mobile apps. It currently works with Gmail and Outlook. Integrations with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are coming soon. Because so many law firms use specialized practice management software for time tracking and other functions, Time Miner also works with a practice management tool for law firms called Clio. Founder, Sean Martin, notes that integrations with Litify, Filevine, Action Step, Practice Panther, and MyCase are on the way.

Extracting information from phone systems is also a must, so the platform allows users to pull data from VoIP provider RingCentral. Time Miner will also work with Dialpad, Ooma, and Vonage in a future iteration. Users are also able to suggest new integrations.

About the Mobile App

The Time Miner app for Apple and Android devices helps busy attorneys find and claim billable time in phone calls, text exchanges, and email messages then invoice clients for the time. Catching all of those small tasks and recording them properly had been an ongoing challenge at law firms where legal staff and support staff are so busy. Time Miner plans to continue supporting the original app until all current users have been migrated to the new system.

About the Company

Time Miner is a Nashville-based technology company founded by two practicing attorneys and an IT consultant. This app is the product of a 2016 conversation at a bar. Co-Founder and Lawyer, Martin, said he had to leave and do his timekeeping for the month. His friend, the IT specialist, asked if there might be an app to handle that. No such thing seemed to exist, so they decided to create one.

Version 1.0 of the Time Miner app went live in 2017. After some feedback on the app, the company did a complete rebuild and launched version 2.0. Development began in June of 2022 and the new platform went live on April 1.

About Kernel and DevDigital

Kernel has backed numerous app development projects since 2017, providing funding, development services, and connections to experienced and successful equity partners. DevDigital is a Nashville-based tech company that builds custom websites, mobile apps, and enterprise software for clients in a variety of industries. They have provided development services for numerous Kernel companies, including Timer, for whom DevDigital created the mobile app. The support of Kernel Equity and the coding talent of DevDigital’s team have made the move technically and financially viable. You can learn more about other Kernel projects on our Portfolio page.

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