Sean Martin August 11, 2023 at 17:31 PM
Work, Capture Time From Anywhere

Heading into 2023, law firms adopted policies allowing their employees to return to

the office, work from home, or a combination of both. Optimism accompanied these

policies, intended as they were to boost revenue by allowing employees to work

where they felt most productive.

Research indicates that these policies have been successful. Demand for legal

services has returned to pre-pandemic levels and revenue for firms of all sizes is

up. (See, 2023 Clio Trends Report,

report/). Yet one of the challenges that predates the pandemic persists. Firms

continue to struggle with how to capture all or at least a majority of their

employees’ billable time.

In 2019, according to the ABA, lawyers in private practice billed on average about

2.5 hours per day. 2020, 2021, and 2022 weren't much better, with lawyers

capturing only around 3 hours per day. Though skeptical of these statistics, firms

accept that their employees do not capture 100% of their billable time.

The problem is not that lawyers fritter away their days. Rather, they stay busy

working on behalf of clients and simply neglect to bill for everything they

do. (Harvard Business Review, Gretchen Gavett; "Workers Are Bad at Filling Out

Timesheets, and It Costs Billions a Day").

Compounding the problem are inefficient and outdated time tracking methods, such

as manual entry. (ABA Law Practice Magazine, Laura Keeler; "Tracking Time to

Save Time").

Increasingly law firms are turning to tools that allow their employees 1) to work

from anywhere; 2) to bill from anywhere; and 3) to capture billable time


Take MHPS, PLLC (, for instance. Based in Nashville, MHPS is

completely cloud-based and monetizes its productivity tools with Time

Miner (

Time Miner connects MHPS’s phone, email, and practice management systems and

automatically creates time entries for billable activity. It then exports those time

entries to the firm’s primary billing system so that no billable time is lost. By

automatically capturing time that is often lost, Time Miner pays for itself and adds

directly to MHPS’ bottom line.


As 2023 draws to a close and firms wonder how to build on the success of their

updated policies, they might consider following MHPS’ lead and monetize their

productivity tools by using cloud-based options in conjunction with Time Miner.

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