Time Miner Staff May 01, 2021 at 08:16 AM
Work Remotely, Capture Revenue Automatically

Once a convenience, the ability to work remotely has become a necessity. And while many employees have a computer, laptop or tablet they can work from, they do not have access to their office phone system. This forces employees to use their mobile phones and personal numbers for work. Employers, particularly in the professional services sector, are receiving pushback. Attorneys especially prefer their clients not have their personal numbers and the 24/7 access that provides. 


RingCentral, a leading provider of VoIP Services to the legal and professional services industry, solves the issue. RingCentral’s cloud-based platform allows employees to take the office phone system wherever they go. Accessible by an app, RingCentral enables employees to make and take work calls and text with clients from their work numbers regardless of physical location. This meets the employers’ goal of remote productivity, and the employees’ goal of keeping their personal numbers private. Win win!

For professionals who bill by the hour, RingCentral’s integration with Time Miner is a game-changer. Time Miner captures billable time for communicating with clients automatically. This frees employees, whether working remotely or from the office, from having to keep up with their hours on a timesheet or other unreliable methods.  


The results are impressive. If Time Miner finds just 30 minutes of billable time per week, such as a few calls made while in the car, at an average rate of $300/hour, that comes to $650 of captured billable time—just for that week.


In a large firm, the numbers really add up. If there are 100 timekeepers in the firm and each user finds 30 minutes of billable time per week, at an average rate of $300/hour, that comes to $180,000 per year in time that might otherwise have been lost. A hundred and eighty grand!


Whether taking a call from an anxious client while on the road, or texting with a worried client late at night, RingCentral enables professional service providers to deliver whenever and wherever; and the integration with Time Miner enables providers to bill for the time automatically. 


For employers who expect remote productivity, employees who need a mobile office phone system, and all who wish for the convenience of automatic capture of billable time, the joint solution of RingCentral + Time Miner is second to none. 

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